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Understand the importance of the factory before placing an order

Author:周镇林 Time:2014-12-25 00:00:00

Any customer placing any order in any factory is not always so smooth sailing, large and small problems always emerge in endlessly.

You as the purchasing department

Do you feel that the factory will be procrastinated and cannot deliver on time?

Do you feel that there are always some big or small problems in quality after the factory has shipped it back?

Do you feel that the factory is dealing with the problem, not as timely as you imagined?

Have you ever wondered why the products in stock in the factory cannot be shipped on the same day or the next day?

Do you always feel that the factory's delivery period is too long?

Do you have the habit of asking the product price first, instead of talking about your own requirements for product quality?

Do you sometimes suspect that the logistics of the factory is always expensive, and would rather look for logistics outside or use your own logistics?


All these problems are caused by the failure of the initial negotiation between the customer and the factory.

The purchasing department is always looking forward to finding a long-term stable supplier whom we can talk to, and the factory is always eager to find some long-term cooperation customers.

But it all depends on mutual understanding.

On the one hand, it depends on the specialty of the factory salesperson. Only a professional salesperson can fully tap the potential needs of your factory and cause you some problems that you have not considered.

On the one hand, it depends on the buyer's attitude. While adhering to their own needs, they should learn more about the status quo of the factory. Only according to the actual situation of the factory and their own needs can the order start well and the order can proceed smoothly.

In short: an order requires mutual understanding and cooperation between the customer and the factory in order to get a perfect win-win situation.

In the next series of articles, Xiao Zhou will start from the perspective of his own factory, interpret his own order cases, and explain the factory series for you, so that you can better understand the factory and place orders with confidence.

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