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How is the wine corkscrew easy to use?

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Red wine opening red wine is an elegant and inevitable technique. In general, the wine should be shown to the guests first, and the origin and year of the wine should be stated. The display surface should enable the guests to visually see the label of the wine. The best bottle openers are a servant's knife, pneumatic corkscrew and electric corkscrew. When opening the bottle, first use a paper cutter to cut the seal from the protruding part of the bottle mouth, and remove the upper part. Then aim at the middle and gradually screw the spiral cone into the cork, then fasten the bottle mouth, and then steadily pull up the handle slowly to pull the cork out; when the cork is about to leave the bottle mouth, the cork should be pulled out quietly , This way, there will be no loud noises-you should try to be as quiet as possible during the entire process of opening the bottle. Open the bottle and take out the cork to let the guests see whether the cork is wet. If it is wet, it proves that the bottle of wine has adopted a more reasonable storage method. Otherwise, the bottle of wine is likely to be transformed due to improper storage. Guests can also smell the cork for any peculiar smell, or take a tasting to further confirm the quality of the wine. After confirming that it is correct, the wine can be officially poured.

There are three types of wine corkscrews that are best used in the current market: one is the traditional servant's knife, and then the new high-tech full-active product: pneumatic corkscrew and electric corkscrew.

Using the servant's knife and grasping the trick, you can skillfully pull out the cork. The basic rule is that when twisting the bottle opener, the bottom of the bottle must be tightly closed with the bottle mouth, and the vertical angle must be turned downward to prevent the cork from breaking. If you accidentally break the cork or slip into the bottleneck when opening the bottle, you can tilt the bottle, insert the auger into the cork diagonally, and then gently pull out the broken cork.

It is much less difficult to open wine with a pneumatic corkscrew or an electric corkscrew: the operation method of the pneumatic corkscrew is as follows:

1. Place the paper cutter on the top of the wine bottle at 90 degrees, use the blade to jam the mouth of the bottle, and cut the foil;

2. Pierce the corkscrew needle into the wine bottle from the center of the cork, and protect the bottle mouth with a plastic protective cover;

3. Move up and down to inject air into the bottle until the cork slips out of the bottle (every bottle of wine can be opened 4-7 times in the world);

4. Use the small plastic slider on the maintenance sleeve to withdraw the cork from the air needle.

        The operation method of the electric bottle opener is as follows: press and hold the bottom of the electric bottle opener "activation button" until the twisting action stops, and press and hold the top of the "activation button" to exit the cork.

In addition, opening sparkling wine does not require a corkscrew at all, just hands and a little skill. But it should be noted that the sparkling wine bottle is subject to high pressure, so when opening the bottle, do not point the mouth of the bottle to anyone or fragile objects.

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